What a great surprise! Living in Chicago for 10 years had me under the sneaky spell of the New Balance store on Clark. Somehow I believed it to be the only establishment in the world with knowledgeable sales people who were virtually all runners themselves. Always great customer service, but only one brand of shoe (whomp whomp), and always a little crazy/chaotic/gobs of people competing for the attention of the staff.

Alas, my move 2 hours north to MKE has been pleasing in so many ways, but I feared for the purchase of my running gear. With my plantar fasciitis becoming more persistently annoying and painful and the Door County half-marathon just a couple months away, today was the day to quest for new soles. Plus, my latest work-from-home deadline got pushed forward, so why not play a little hooky?

So... where to shop for shoes in MKE? InStep... hrmmm. "Now, why would I buy shoes at a physical therapy center?", I asked myself. Well... because I keep seeing it when I eat at Coquette just around the corner, and it looks small and pleasant and has good Yelp! reviews.

What a lovely decision! Quel service extraordinaire! I was the only one in there (well, it was 1:00pm on a rando Wednesday...), and got the full attention of an obvious athlete/runner himself. He took the time to analyze my gait, measure my unequally sized feet, and even took a video of my feet running on the treadmill. We chatted, tried on at least five pairs, and I walked way with a kickass pair of (YES! pink and purple and lime green!!!) feet fortifiers:-) Can't wait to go for my first run in them... though... yeah... can this snow finally melt? - Kelly A

I can't thank Bob enough for all his hard work and dedication getting my shoulders working again. All I do is think of how I felt in March and April and realize how fortunate I am to have him as my therapist! - Kathy B.
I can't thank Bob enough for outstanding therapy for my IT band issue. I was able to finish the Lakefront Marathon with no pain at all. He not only provided therapy, but also helped me regain my confidence that allowed me to complete my run.  - Giovanni C. 
I had such extreme shoulder pain I couldn’t sleep at night and two fingers in my left hand had gone numb. I was hoping the orthopedic doctor I saw would give me a shot to fix it, but instead, he told me I needed physical therapy. I didn’t know who to call because I'd had physical therapy a couple of times before for my neck/shoulder and it never worked (even though I religiously did all the exercises they gave me). So I lived with the agony for another 10 days before a friend suggested I see a physical therapist at InStep. I can honestly say, it was the best call I ever made. After one session with Bob, I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in weeks. It took several more appointments to clear up the disaster that was my shoulder and neck, but he did it! He took away all of the pain, gave me full range of motion, and brought the feeling back to my two numb fingers. I went to InStep expecting to get nothing and I got everything! Bob's a miracle worker! - Pam A.
You guys sold me a great pair of running shoes that helped my plantar faciitis disappear. If it weren't for those shoes (Brooks Ghost 5) I'd still be dealing with a lot of pain and probably would not be doing the Tough Mudder. Thank-you! - David M.
I just had a biomechanical evaluation in Delafield and I was really motivated by working with the physical therapist, who made me realize I could be even more successful as a runner. I have some new workouts and got some great tips that will be great for reaching my goals. Thank you InStep Physical Therapy & Running Center! - Dominique B. 
After having been involved in athletics as both a player and a coach for 40 some odd years, I found I could no longer throw a baseball or football overhand because of pain in my shoulder -- everything had to be underhand. A friend recommended I go to InStep Physical Therapy. After three or four sessions with Bob Corby, I could feel a difference, and after a few more, I could throw a football like I could 40 years ago. Well, maybe not that well!  But I could throw overhand without any hurt. Thanks Bob! - Don F.
Just want to say thank you to the employees at the Mequon store for all their help in fitting me for a running shoe. The shoes corrected my problem perfectly and allowed me to keep running! - Paul S.

You guys are amazing... got me up off my broken leg so fast and with such good results. My ortho surgeon was very happy today at the 12 week checkup!! I can't thank you enough, especially Jan and Tom!! - Karen R 
I was in your InStep store in the 3rd Ward on Sunday at noon on April 1st and wanted to let you know what a great job the young sales rep. did yesterday. I wish I could recall her name but she was very courteous, intelligent and helpful. She found the perfect running shoe for me and I'm happy to say that I will be back to your establishment over and over again and will be recommending it to my fellow runners. Please pass on my great regard for the young lady that worked on Sunday. - Peter S.
Just got some shoes from Ryan in Franklin. After much trying on and back and forth, we each got a pair of Vibram five fingers. (It's hard deciding on a product you've never used before!) Ryan was super helpful and incredibly patient. Definitely a pleasant experience. - Mike B.
The personalized service I received when selecting winter running apparel at the Delafield InStep store significantly improved my winter running experience. Meaghan Hayward took time and explained the fundamentals and importance of layering, and how the various available brands fit into that concept. She had a great understanding of the relative advantages of the brands, and the patience necessary to ensure an admitted novice like I was comfortable selecting a top-to-bottom outfit to meet my personal needs. I just love the new lightweight gear and was able to significantly improved my cold-weather training time! Also, with the different layer combinations, I was able to train comfortably across extreme temperature and wind conditions. - Vince P 
For those that hit the pavement, either walking or running…InStep Physical Therapy & Running Center is the best! You have done wonders for my walking. - Jean D. 
I finished the Rock 'n Sole today at Summerfest. I'm so glad I got some new running shoes at InStep a few weeks ago. My Brooks are awesome, and the help at the store was great! Thanks for helping to make my first 10K a success! - Jessica N.
Great place to get running shoes. I got a proper diagnosis of my feet and running style, and they accurately found shoes that fit my BEAUTIFUL feet. I bought some 130 dollar shoes and I absolutely love them. On top of that, they even gave me a 20% Military discount! This made my expensive shoes not so expensive and I will definitely be coming back. However, I will make sure I have plenty of time to shop around because there was only one person there to help for everyone. - Jesse S.
Thank you InStep for all the incredible help you have given me in preparation for IM WI. Jan, you have been a dream and I LOVED my new shoes! They ROCKED. They helped lead me to a PR in the marathon where I need to make up about 15 minutes to stay on track for an overall PR. Thank you Thank you Thank you! - Jill S.
I am a 58-year-old male who exercises regularly. I gave up running about three years ago after a wicked bout of plantar fasciitis. Some friends wanted to form a team for the Tough Mudder so I thought I'd give things another shot. I visited your store for the first time this past June. Your staff was very helpful and educational in fitting me with the shoes to fit my specific needs. By the day of the event, I was running six miles and felt like my old self. Tough Mudder was great! I am continuing to run & loving it. Thanks so much! - Brian G
While training for my first half marathon, I limped into InStep with an ankle injury caused by running in the wrong shoes. They fitted me in a pair of excellent shoes that completely changed my stride and balance. It was clear that they were committed to finding the right running shoe for my body and activity. I was able to heal and run my race successfully! It's my only stop now for buying running shoes, and I've been injury free for two years! - Casey G. 

InStep Physical Therapy was recommended to me after I had exhausted other PT and pain management options to deal with Peripheral Neuropathy in my feet.  After an initial consultation with Tom Labisch, I knew I found someplace very special. He was incredibly informed and optimistic that he and Jan Ochsenwald could find a treatment that would improve my quality of life. I started treatment with Jan and her continued care allows me to live a normal day on my feet. Prior to her treatment, I wasn't able to stand most evenings and had to use a kneeling scooter to be able to fix dinner at night. I am forever grateful for her genuine care and expertise. - Jean G. 
I went to InStep in Mequon at the suggestion of a friend to be fitted for new running shoes. Jan Oschenwald worked with me for about 30 minutes, determined that I was using the wrong shoe and suggested a new shoe for me. I purchased the ones she recommended and ran 5 miles in them the next day and 6.5 miles two days later. These are the longest runs I have ever completed. I felt great! I had leg strength to spare which I did not have after a 5k on Thanksgiving. In one short week, my shin splint already feels better, my plantar fasciitis is better, and running is fun again. I wish I had been tested ten years ago. Thank you for having such an amazing person as Jan on your team. She was so helpful, knowledgable, patient and kind. I will recommend as many people as I can to go and get tested at InStep. - Dean N. 
A big Thank You to the staff at Instep in Mequon. The shoes fit great and my feet feel happier already. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. - Jim G.
I buy all my running shoes at the Mequon InStep! I love those ladies, they have been so helpful! I was just in there Monday, Jan gave me some great tips! - Jen U.
I just went to Delafield today and saw the physical therapist. I  also ordered a pair of shoes today. Your physical therapist was wonderful, he added something to my inserts and he explained things to me so I understood what was wrong. I am going to get a referral (I'm on Medicare) so I can see him again. I only wish I knew about him and your store sooner. Thanks again. - Sandy B
My daughter has taken up cross country running in high school--and we've been customers of the Mequon InStep store as that's closer to where we live. I can say with first-hand knowledge that your team is fantastic and has steered her in the right direction! It's really been an impressive experience. - Lisa M 
I think I found a new favorite running store! Got my Nimbus 13's, some new running gear, and can't wait to try out the Bikilas when they come!! Thanks InStep!! - Jennifer T 
I am from Chicago and came up to Wisconsin for the Glacial Trail 50K. I forgot my calf compression sleeves at home, so made an emergency stop at the Downtown Milwaukee InStep. The woman who helped me (I didn't ask her name) was amazing and so helpful. She hooked me up with some awesome compression sleeves! Thanks again, and you should have a store in Chicago. :) - Leslie J 
For those that hit the pavement, either walking or running…InStep Physical Therapy & Running Center is the best! You have done wonders for my walking. - Jean D. 
Bob is a miracle worker! Love him! - Karen G.
I wanted to let you know that Peter at the InStep Third Ward location is the best! He was so helpful today and I got super new running shoes. Give that boy a raise! - Jana M. 
When we got to the Mequon InStep, Jan introduced herself and the other employee in the store. She was so polite. They did not rush us and Jan called the other stores to see if she could locate a second pair for me. The shoes I got are the best. Most of all so pleased with the service. Thank you. - Tom and Diane K.


First time to visit and it definitely is a specialty store. Top notch selection of shoes - my favorites were included, Brooks and Saucony. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. No pressure or sales pitch. Someone who clearly wants to help people find proper shoes for their needs. 

Also have some nice clothing gear and lots of socks!  My husband found the perfect pair of new shoes and loved them so much he wore them out of the store. 

Definitely worth a visit if you want the best for your feet. - Melissa S.


I love it when you walk out of a business and you feel, they took good care of me and you tell your friends and they go there and say the same thing.  it's nice to be treated well because customer service is lacking or slowly disappearing in so many businesses. - Chris J.


Awesome service.  I  am newbie runner and I got there about one hr before closing. I got my gait analyzed and an outstanding-fit pair of shoes! I will be coming back for my next pair. Thank you! - N.V.


It's is such a rare pleasure to go into a store these days and have a knowledgable friendly person help you.  InStep is the epitome of this kind of store and they carry several brands of shoes, too.  My wife and I have bought about 8 pairs of running shoes here over the last 5 years and we couldn't be happier.  I'm a pronator, have creaky knees, and the shoes I've bought have made such a difference.  I like Yelp's description of 5 stars: "Woohoo!  As good as it gets!" - Michael M.




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