Gait & Activity Analysis

Our expert staff provides free gait analysis, taking into account your exercise history, foot and leg biomechanics, and running style through a series of functional movement tests. Then, they'll fit you with shoes that are the best match for you- ensuring you'll be less likely to suffer from injuries caused by exercising in improper shoes. Running analysis can utilize video to evaluate your stride and foot landing.

Walking and running are the fundamental motions of all sports and daily life. Our analysis focuses on incorporating these essential patterns in a way that is individualized to you. From there we expand our input to encompass all forms of exercise and activity.  

Biomechanical Running Evaluations  


30 MIN - $50

This evaluation is performed by a physical therapist, and is designed for the runner who wants to improve performance, running form or technique.

The evaluation includes:

  • Video Assessment (to evaluate running form, running posture, stride rate, and foot mechanics)

  • Recommendations for Modifying or Improving Running Form to Enhance Performance

  • Appropriate Information About Drills, Minimalist Shoe Training, or Other Specific Areas of Interest

 Orthotics / Insoles / Inserts

Our staff are experts in foot and lower extremity biomechanics, injury identification and treatment, and knowledge of the demands of various activities on the foot and leg muscles. We provide over-the-counter, semi-custom, and custom-molded orthotic inserts that meet your biomechanical needs. For more information on orthotics, click here.


30 MIN - $50 plus Cost of Insert

This evaluation is performed by a physical therapist, and is designed for the person who was referred by a healthcare provider or self referred for OTC inserts that need modifications or customization.

The evaluation includes:

  • Modifications include, but not limed to: Metatarsal Pads, Neuroma Pads, Wedging, Heel Lifts, Turf Plate, etc.

*Once this fabrication is done, it can be replicated on new OTC inserts for the minimal cost of supplies without an appointment.


Cycling evaluations are performed with an “optimal” cycling position in mind that optimizes aerodynamics and output efficiency. However, many cyclists do not have the internal ability to achieve these positions due to flexibility issues or inherent joint limitations. In these situations, forcing the body into a more aerodynamic position can cause compensations in other parts of the body and be less efficient for the cyclist, which can lead to pain and potential injury. 


30 MIN - $50

This evaluation is performed by a physical therapist, and is appropriate for the person who wants to be comfortable on his/her bike and a more efficient rider.

The 30-minute evaluation includes:

  • Assessment of Your Current Riding Position (with adjustments made to cleats, seat position, and front-end positioning, as needed)

  • Recommendations for Equipment Modification (if current equipment cannot attain appropriate positioning)

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can enhance function, aid in the healing process, and increase relaxation and well-being. Our licensed massage therapists provide therapeutic, deep tissue, sport and relaxation massages. Special massage packages are available. Massage Therapy services can be scheduled at our Hales Corners location and through TriVigorate at our Mequon location. 

Running Classes

We offer running classes, strength training, and track workouts that will help you become a better runner. For more information, click here. For a full schedule of upcoming events, click here.

Yoga Classes

Classes are currently held at the Hales Corners location. Students will learn how yoga helps to balance the body, mind and spirit. Classes cover basic yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation/relaxation skills. Classes are led by Mary Hanneken, PT, RYT who is a licensed physical therapist and a certified yoga instructor. Drop-in rate is $13 per class or $65 for a 6-week session. For more information, contact InStep Hales Corners at: 414-858-9306.

Social Runs

We have group runs from time to time out of our Milwaukee and Delafield stores. If you are interested in participating, call the Milwaukee store at: 414-220-4160 or the Delafield store at: 262-646-3013.

Ship Direct

We are happy to ship product to you; shipping costs will be added to your invoice. Have an item that you purchase often, such as inserts? Or, don't have time to swing by your nearest InStep location? Contact any InStep location and ask about this service.



Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help answer any questions that you may have.