We'll Get You Moving Again

InStep offers expert physical therapy for all concerns. No matter what your age or walk of life, InStep Physical Therapy can help. Our physical therapists will work with you to reduce pain, improve strength, regain range-of-motion, facilitate healing, increase mobility, and achieve your goals. InStep's physical therapists are some of the best. they have years of high-level experience working with the human body. They understand injuries & problems, they appreciate that different patients have different needs and abilities, and they help people return to life as usual – in many cases, better than they were before. 




Your initial evaluation will include a comprehensive assessment of your problem or injury, as well as an analysis of your movement patterns to help identify imbalances. Then we develop a comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation program to address your specific problems and needs. Click here to learn more.

Biomechanical Evaluations

For Running and Cycling

Evaluations are appropriate for the person who wants to determine which shoe will provide maximum benefit for his/her individual biomechanics. It will also identify whether there are biomechanical problems that could lead to injury, as well as whether the person might benefit from a shoe insert or orthotic. Click here to learn more.